Bag On Roll

Roll bags are clear or custom printed bags made from various plastic formulations.  Each bag has an opening on one side for easy insertion of products and a perforated section on the opposite end for easy removal from the roll.

Uses: Most popular for eCommerce order fulfillment, mailing, medical supplies, and various consumer goods and widely used in Vegetable and Fruit Shop

Capacity/Month: 24 MT/Month  MOQ:  2M

Technical Data
Item Overview
Minimum Size
Maximum Size
W-7.87'' + SG-5.91'' X L-11.81'' X T- 8.50 Micron (0.33 mil) 
W-11.02'' + SG-7.09'' X L-23.62'' X T- 15 Micron (0.59 mil)
No. of pcs/Roll
200 pcs
300 pcs
No. of Roll/MC
20 PCS ; Total pcs/MC: 4000
06 PCS ; Total pcs/MC: 1800
Net Wt/Ctn(kg) 
5.90 ; Bobbin Dia: In 25mm/Out 35
12.32 ; Bobbin Dia: In 35mm/Out 45mm
Master Carton
Container  Loading
Roll Loaded to MC and then Container
Roll Loaded to MC and then Container